Our Vision 2

Our Mission

The Tea Party Patriots’ mission is to restore America’s founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets.
Tea Party Patriots is 100% grassroots, 100% of the time.
The Tea Party movement spontaneously formed in 2009 from the reaction of the American people to fiscally irresponsible actions of the federal government, misguided “stimulus” spending, bailouts and takeovers of private industry. Within the first few weeks of the movement, Tea Party Patriots formed to support the millions of Americans seeking to improve our great nation through renewed support for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free market economic policies.Tea Party Patriots is a national grassroots organization that exists to serve and support the thousands of local organizations and millions of grassroots Patriots throughout our nation. We provide logistical, educational, networking and other support to thousands of community-based tea party groups around the country. Tea Party Patriots state and national coordinators serve your local grassroots groups, support you with the tools and technology you need to address your local issues, listen to your voices, gather your ideas, and together help shape the overall direction of our national movement. Working in a truly grassroots fashion, we have already changed the political landscape of America.
Tea Party Patriots is 100% grassroots, 100% of the time.Tea Party Patriots is made up of, and funded by, millions of regular Americans just like you, who believe there is a better way forward for America. We are a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that does not support any political party nor do we endorse candidates. If you support fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free market economic policies, we encourage you to sign up for Tea Party Patriots today.

Tea Party Patriot Core Principles

Tea Party Patriots stand for everyone, no matter your gender, race, beliefs, sexual preference or ethnicity. We are home to millions of Americans of all ages, races, party affiliations – and from every state in the nation – who have come together to pursue the American Dream, and to keep the American Dream alive for their children and grandchildren.What unites the tea party movement – the biggest, most diverse grassroots movement in America – is the same set of core principles that brought America together at its founding, that kindled the American Dream in the hearts of our nation of immigrants, and made the United States of America the greatest, most successful country in world history. At its root the American Dream is about freedom. Freedom to work hard and the freedom to keep the fruits of your labor to use as you see fit without harming others, without hindering their freedom. Very simply, three guiding principles give rise to the freedom necessary to pursue and live the American Dream:


  • Constitutionally Limited Government or your personal freedom and your rights
  • Free Market Economics or economic freedom to grow jobs and your opportunities
  • Fiscal Responsibility or very simply, a debt free future for you and generations to come

Constitutionally Limited Government – Your Personal Freedom and Your Rights

The right to be free is endowed by our Creator and is the premise of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the American way of life. The Constitution is a timeless document that guarantees our basic freedoms. We support personal freedom so all Americans can live life the way they want as long as it does not harm others, or infringe on another’s rights.We are most free when the Constitution is followed and each branch of government serves as a check and balance to the others. We are a nation of written laws. One law for all and equal application of the law is a founding principle that distinguishes America from the lands immigrants fled to escape oppression. No American President, Republican or Democrat, should ever go around the Constitution, no matter how important the issue. No government entity is above the law, and no public official may act outside or above the law. Yet, we have seen that Washington has a reckless disregard for the rule of law and balance of powers.


When our leaders pick and choose which elements of the laws they choose to enact or grant waivers and exemptions to groups of their choice, they undercut the Constitution and demonstrate to us their belief that laws do not apply to them, and that they think they are different from the citizens who elect them. When government leaders lose the public’s trust, we will exercise or right to be outspoken, and to vote, and to say “No More.”


The government has become too big and too powerful and many of those in Washington have grown out of touch with the citizens they represent. We recognize the government is slowly taking away basic freedoms we each deserve. For instance, every American deserves the freedom to make a phone call and send an email without the government monitoring what we say and write. Every American should have the right to choose our own doctor and which insurance plan we want to purchase without the government penalizing us for not purchasing something we do not want or need. Washington continues to pass laws taking even more freedoms away. Americans sense a freedom gap, between how we value freedom and how free we actually feel today, with an elevated sense that the American Dream is becoming harder to reach, and the freedom to thrive that our parents and grandparents once felt has become elusive for our children.


We support policies that protect and defend personal freedom and individual rights, and the ability to pursue the American Dream without government intrusion. We also support policies that will reclaim those freedoms and rights that have been eroded through intrusive policies of unaccountable politicians and Washington bureaucrats, many of whom answer to special interests and lobbyists rather than their electorate.


We believe that our citizens are America’s greatest strength, and that any policy or action that restricts or erodes that strength is detrimental to the potential and growth of our country.

Free Market Economics or economic freedom to grow jobs and your opportunities

We stand for economic freedom and policies that allow you to keep more of your own money to do with as you see fit. We support policies that will provide for and enable opportunities to find good jobs or create and grow businesses. Likewise, we support policies that will present the best chances for the United States to grow and maintain its position as the world leader for economic opportunity.Washington has made it very difficult for the average person to get ahead. Many of its policies, no matter what the initial intent might have been, often end up restricting economic opportunities and job growth, the encumbrance of additional taxes and regulations are sure means to failure. We do believe in government, and we also believe that it must be true stewards of our tax dollars.

With lower taxes, individuals and families will have greater resources and opportunity. It is in keeping with the principles of the American Dream: Working hard and being rewarded; keeping more of what you earn, and using it as you believe is in your best interest without harming others.

The surest road to this economic growth and the freedom from our looming debt is through a tax policy that is fair, flat, and fixed. If it were, individual Americans would best determine the use of their money, and businesses would be afforded the predictability of tax rates, allowing them to grow and hire more employees.

While America’s founding principles began as a beacon to anyone running from tyranny, today’s permanent political class has become a significant roadblock to pursuing and achieving the American Dream. This has resulted in a lower standard of living for too many, and the general feeling of financial uncertainty and despair among those who used to believe in hope, sensing that their American Dream is far out of reach.

Tea Party Patriots supports policies that foster opportunity. These include greater competition among producers and providers which will compel competitive pricing for goods and services. We support policies that empower individual citizens, not Washington’s insiders, thus reducing what Washington spends so more can remains in your hands; empowering you to decide the best use of your money.

Fiscal Responsibility – A Debt Free Future

We support a debt free future because it is only fair and right to pay the debt we have incurred so our children and grandchildren are not stuck with our bills. When the government speaks about “raising the debt ceiling,” they are simply saying they need to borrow more money they won’t ever pay back. Continually increasing the debt of the United States puts an undue and unfair burden on future generations of Americans. It is fair and just to unburden our children from the national debt.The current U.S. national debt is over $17 trillion, which means that every single American citizen’s share of the national debt is more than $50,000. This year the federal government will borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends.1 The yearly budget deficit now exceeds $1 trillion while the national debt exceeds $17 trillion. Washington has not meaningfully reduced spending, regardless of which political party has been in control. Instead, Washington’s answer to these problems has been to simply ignore them by taking more of your money through taxation, raising the debt ceiling, and printing more money – instead of cutting back on the runaway spending and reducing the size of the government. This current path is unsustainable and must be reversed with policies that help us repair the damage and a create a debt free future so that our children and grandchildren see greater opportunities ahead.

The solution is getting Washington’s spending under control. A simple solution to move toward a debt free future is the Penny Plan. Cutting federal spending by just 1 percent every year for the next ten years will cut more than $4.5 trillion from the debt.2 This means cutting just 1 penny out of every dollar the government spends each year. Requiring the government to spend one percent less next year than it does this year is a good way to get control of federal spending and finally begin reducing the debt. Ultimately, we need to make these changes permanent. To do that we must elect a super majority in Congress and in our states who will pass and ratify a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution which forces spending cuts if Congress fails to maintain a balanced budget once it is achieved.